Munich Course Descriptions

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6854 Artistic Freedom and Control in Copyright
Professor Kristelia Garcia

Consideration of the tension in copyright law between an artist's right to control access to, use, and presentation of, his work, and other artists' freedom to remix, sample, parody and otherwise transform existing content. Comparative examination of the policy approaches taken by jurisdictions that emphasize "fair use," such as the United States, and jurisdictions that emphasize "moral rights," such as France and Germany, using examples drawn from music, film, and publishing. (Examination)

6840 Cross-Border Trade in Intellectual Property Professor Dan Burk

International trade in goods protected by copyright, patent or trademark law has become a matter of enormous economic significance. This course will address a number of the specialized issues raised by such transactions. Consideration will be given to various doctrines that regulate or prevent unauthorized importation of goods protected by intellectual property rights, such as those forbidding parallel importation or regulating trade in so-called "grey goods" and those dealing with the first sale doctrine and exhaustion of intellectual property rights. We will focus as well on the economic and social policy considerations underlying those doctrines. The course will address issues that arise under all three major categories of intellectual property and review the response of the U.S., the E.U., and other legal systems to those issues. (Examination)

6493 Internet Law I
Professor Robert Heverly

While the debate still continues in the academy over whether a "law of cyberspace" is truly needed, businesses and organizations are confronted every day with issues that arise out of the Internet and the activities it enables. This course will take a practical approach to the Internet, identifying and discussing these issues in the larger context of the law's role in commerce. The course will include a discussion of control over the Internet, and will focus on questions of personal jurisdiction; civil liability (including rules for third-party speech); copyright and control; free speech (including obscenity and indecency); questions of domain names and linking; and online contracting and agreements. (Examination)

Please note: GW degree candidates may not receive credit for both Law 6493 and 6485. Students who previously took Internet Law 6842 may not receive credit for either Law 6493 and 6485.

6846 Philosophical Foundations of Intellectual Property
Professor Michael Madison

Selected themes in the history and theory of intellectual property, including economic rationales for intellectual property rights, the debate over the limits to intellectual property protection from the 18th through the 20th centuries, and historical accounts of the intellectual property system. (Writing assignment)

6853 Chinese Intellectual Property Law
Professor Catherine Sun

Introduction to intellectual property law in China, focusing on technology, commercialization and IP enforcement, and the practical aspects of China IP strategy from the perspective of foreign businesses entering the Chinese market. Major themes will include recent IP legislative developments in China, recent landmark cases, and major pitfalls and risks in acquiring and transacting in IP in China. (Examination)

6477 The Federal Circuit
Chief Judge Randall Rader and Associate Dean John Whealan

The unique role of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit as the only national court of appeals organized on the basis of subject matter rather than geography. Topics include the creation of the Federal Circuit and an overview of its varied jurisdictions (e.g., government contracts, constitutional takings, and international trade). Emphasis on the contributions of the Federal Circuit to patent law, and in particular its administration of eligibility, bars, “nonobviousness,” equivalents, and other modern patent law problems. Comparative study of the patent jurisprudence of the Federal Circuit and other nations’ courts. (Examination)

6482 Patent Enforcement
Judge Dee Benson

Patent litigation for those who may wish to specialize in general litigation with occasional handling of patent cases, as well as for those interested in a patent solicitation career. Focuses on an understanding of policy and practice considerations in the enforcement of patents. (Examination)

6845 Technical Protection of Authors’ Rights
Judge Edward Damich

Technologies used to protect authors’ rights (such as encryption, flags, degradation schemes, and watermarking) and the law that protects and regulates them, including the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the European Copyright Directive, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Copyright Treaty, and the WIPO Performance and Phonograms Treaty. Consideration of the impact of these technologies. (Examination)

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