Emma Brown, JD '13

What did you like about the Immigration Clinic and what did you learn that maybe relevant to your work now?

The GW Immigration Clinic was one of the highlights of my law school experience. The GW Law School provided me with the educational fundamentals of what it takes to become an attorney. The Immigration Clinic went further to provide me with opportunities to work with real clients and build lawyering skills. The Immigration Clinic gave me a preview of what it would be like to work as an attorney by teaching me how to manage a caseload from conducting initial interviews with prospective clients to closing out the case.

Although working on real life cases could be challenging, it was also rewarding. The efforts my teammates and I put in to each case produced tangible results for the clients, such as obtaining asylum grants. Professor Benitez gave the proper amount of supervision, allowing the student-attorneys to work independently and in teams, while still providing excellent guidance and advice for professional growth and development.

I believe that my experience as a student-attorney was instrumental in helping me obtain my current employment. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), within the Department of Homeland Security, hired me as a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF). During my interview with the USCIS Asylum Division, I showcased the fact that I had experience working as a student-attorney on Asylum issues. Specifically, I was able to highlight that I had represented clients before an Asylum Office and Immigration Court. I believe these experiences made me a more competitive candidate.

Where do you work now?

As a PMF with the USCIS Asylum Division, I have the opportunity to work on variety of immigration and national security issues within the Federal Government.

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Emma Brown, JD '13

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