Information for Students

The Vaccine Injury Clinic is a two-semester clinic offered for 4–6 credits each semester.

The objectives of this Clinic include teaching litigation skills, such as interviewing and counseling, investigation and discovery, developing a case theory, researching and drafting written pleadings, oral advocacy, and negotiations. The clinic also focuses on professional responsibility, including determining a lawyer’s role, defining and meeting responsibilities, working collaboratively with other professionals, and resolving ethical issues. Students will also examine and critique the operation of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Students devote approximately 16–24 hours per week to both the seminar and case work components of this Clinic, depending on the number of credits for which the student is registered. The hours will vary significantly during the semester, with substantially more time required immediately prior to a trial in which the student is involved, and less time required during other parts of the semester.

Every semester, the Clinics hold an Open House where faculty answer questions about their respective clinics.  Interested students may contact Professors Shoemaker and Gentry to discuss the Vaccine Injury Clinic and ask specific questions.

A complete set of application instructions are posted approximately one month prior to the registration period for the following semester. For more information, please login to the Portal.


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