Writing Fellows

The Writing Fellows are selected from a competitive group of applicants. They have excellent legal writing and analysis skills, and represent a wide range of educational, linguistic, and professional backgrounds. 

The 2015-2016 Writing Fellows:

Learn more about the Writing Fellows, including what LRW professors they had, what foreign languages they speak, what journals they are on, and what upper-level writing experience they have.

Fellows marked with an asterisk are returning for a second year of service.  

Catherine Akenhead

Eric Auslander

Talya Bobick

Jean Chang**

Alyssa Clark

Lena Dewald

Jarret Erickson

Emily Farmer

Sydney Fields

Jessica Finberg

Morgan Gill

Nicole Henry

Kristen Jacobsen

Mike Jayne

Daheuin Ju

Warren Kessler

Kavon Khani**

Lindsay Klein

Cristine LeVasser

Sophia Luby

Patrick Lynch

Steven Magnusson

Ana Miniuk

Roya Motazedi

Laura Mulherin

Laura Murchie

Max Nacheman**

Katharine Patterson

Amy Pearlman

Bobby Pollak

Sandra Praxmarer

Renee Reasoner

Matthew Rosenberg**

Kevin Sayles

Nicole Sharer

Theresa Socash

Zachary Tyree

Danielle Vogel

Kate Watkins**

Jacob Yaniero**

Summer Yuan

Leigh Zeichick**

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