Writing Fellows

The Writing Fellows are selected from a competitive group of applicants. They have excellent legal writing and analysis skills, and represent a wide range of educational, linguistic, and professional backgrounds. 

The 2013-2014 Writing Fellows:

Learn more about the Writing Fellows, including what LRW professors they had, what foreign languages they speak, what journals they are on, and what upper-level writing experience they have.

Fellows marked with an asterisk are returning for a second year of service.  

Kylie Alexandra*
Caroline Alpert*
Yesenia Barberena
Jake Berdine
Lillian Bond
Susie Brock*
Nathan Castellano
Sarah Cockrum
Kate D’Ambrosio*
Mia Donnelly
Courtney Francik
Elizabeth French
Caitlin Garrigan-Nass
Whitney Hermandorfer
Benjamin Kalish
Avi Kelin*
Lauren Koester
Michael Komo
Kristen Kuan
Britney Lewis
Sara Loop*
Madeleine MacNeil
Rachael Million-Perez
Charles Mitchell
Anna Myers
Bryan Nance 
Alexandra Orsini
Roberta Roberts
Deborah Rodin
Elyse Schoenfeld
Kendall Scott
Dilroop Sidhu
Cristina Silva Hoyos
Rebecca Szucs*
Sylvia Tsakos
Kiley White*
Kaileigh Wright

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