Environmental and Energy Careers

Most environmental and energy law graduates, like most law graduates in general, enter the private practice of law upon graduation. This is very important work that can help clients identify and meet their legal responsibilities. Both government agencies and public interest organizations, however, also play a critical role in the development of environmental and energy law. A public service or public interest career in environmental or energy law can provide graduates with early responsibility for important cases and give them the opportunity to help structure new environmental or energy policies, and can be personally very rewarding.   

The Law School encourages students studying environmental and energy law to consider government and public interest careers, and helps support them in this endeavor by offering:

  • targeted scholarship assistance to top students who indicate an interest in pursuing a career in government or public interest law
  • internship opportunities with government and agencies and public interest organizations
  • participation in our Environmental and Energy Policy Practicum
  • special counseling on classes and on placement
  • Loan Repayment Assistance Program  

With so many government agencies and environmental non-profit organizations located within minutes of the Law School campus, GW is ideally located to help students pursue a career in the public or public interest sector.

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