Environmental and Energy Law Research Collection

The environmental and energy law collection of the Jacob Burns Law Library includes a significant number of works on domestic and international environmental law and sustainable growth and development to support the curriculum of the Environmental Law Program. 

Reflecting a highly regulated area of law, the U.S. environmental and energy law collection comprises works on laws and regulations involving all media (i.e., air, water, and solid and hazardous wastes), as well as specialized areas of law, such as environmental enforcement, environmental crimes, and toxic torts. The sustainable growth and development facet of the collection contains materials on U.S. land use and urban planning, zoning, urban sprawl, environmental justice, and brownfields redevelopment.  

Coverage of state environmental and energy law consists of general works, practice materials, and treatises covering local jurisdictions, the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

The international environmental law collection comprises treatises and looseleaf services, law reviews, journals and substantive current awareness newsletters that provide scholarly discussion and analysis of international treaties, conventions, and agreements; customary international law; general principles of law common to major legal systems; and judicial decisions. In addition, the Library continues to develop dynamic collections of treatises and scholarly writings on foreign environmental law and international sustainable growth and development. Lexis, Westlaw, and specialized Internet databases provide electronic access to a current and comprehensive collection of domestic and international environmental law materials.  

The study of environmental and energy law encompasses an understanding of multiple disciplines, including biology, chemistry, oceanography, agriculture, and nuclear science. The Library’s collection is supported by current and historic collections of scientific, technical, and statistical reports, books, and compendia published by domestic and international research organizations such as the National Academies, EPA, Centers for Disease Control, World Resources Institute, Resources for the Future, Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, and European Environment Agency.

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