Short Courses & Publications

Spring 2012

Contract Management Courses

Short courses in government contract management formerly available at the Law School are now offered by ESI international:


The CCH Business and Finance Group (BFG) is the official publisher of The George Washington University Law School's government contracts publications. You may  purchase government contracts publications online from CCH or call 1.888.224.7377. 

These widely-used and well-respected publications include the following resources authored by our faculty and graduates: 

  • Formation of Government Contracts
  • Administration of Government Contracts
  • The Government Contracts Reference Book
  • Competitive Negotiation: The Source Selection Process
  • Cost-Reimbursement Contracting
  • Intellectual Property in Government Contracts; and
  • History of Government Contracting

Faculty Work

Laura A. Dickinson
Daniel Gordon
William Kovacic
Steven L. Schooner
Joshua Schwartz  
Christopher R. Yukins


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