The courses in this practice area explore the body of rules regulating the process by which the federal government enters into contracts with private parties and oversees the performance of those contracts. Government Contracts is a survey course for those seeking a general overview of the law in this area. Students preferring a longer course of study may choose instead the Formation of Government Contracts and Performance of Government Contracts sequence.

Foundation Course

  • Government Contracts (6500)

Advanced Courses

  • Formation of Government Contracts (6502)
  • Performance of Government Contracts (6503)
  • Government Contracts Advocacy (6505)
  • Government Contracts Cost and Pricing (6506)
  • Comparative Public Procurement (6508)
  • Government Contracts Seminar (6509)
  • Graduate Government Contracts Placement (6510)
  • Government Procurement of Intellectual Property Seminar (6512)


Spotlight Item: 50 Years of Government Procurement at GW Law

50 Years of Government Procurement at GW Law

Celebrating its establishment in 1960, GW Law's Government Procurement Law Program Gala honored Professors Emeritus Ralph C. Nash, Jr. and the late John Cibinic, Jr. See full coverage of the event.

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