This practice area, which has grown exponentially since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, explores the nature and origins of the federal government’s foreign relations powers, and U.S. law implementing international law and affecting national security. The field includes law on the use of armed forces and intelligence operations abroad, counterterrorism, homeland security, management of crises, immigration, nonproliferation, treatment of detainees, Congressional oversight, and classified information. The two foundational survey courses are Foreign Relations Law and National Security Law. The remaining advanced courses pursue in greater detail issues raised in the survey courses.

GW Law's focus on this area and its Washington, DC location afford students unique opportunities, including lectures from guests including Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and access to faculty who are experts in the field.

Foundation Courses

  • 6870: National Security Law (Dickinson, Warren)
  • 6871: U.S. Foreign Relations Law (Matheson, Murphy)

Advanced Courses

  • 6240: Litigation with the Federal Government (Axelrad)
  • 6369: Computer Crime (Kerr)
  • 6384: Law of Separation of Powers (Peterson)
  • 6420: Congressional Investigations Seminar (Leon)
  • 6423: Veterans Law (Greene and Ridgway)
  • 6484: Computer Law (Stern)
  • 6486: Information Privacy Law (Solove)
  • 6520: International Law (Buergenthal, J. Butler, Murphy, Shelton, Steinhardt)
  • 6528: International Litigation (Cohen)
  • 6538: Immigration Law (Morales and Fresco)
  • 6540: Refugee and Asylum Law (Sperber)
  • 6546: International Law of Human Rights (Shelton)
  • 6547: Regional Protection of Human Rights (Shelton)
  • 6548: Space Law (Hertzfeld)
  • 6550: Law of the Sea (Kenney)
  • 6552: Law of War (Carnahan and Solis)
  • 6553: U.S. Export Control Law and Regulation (Calabrese)
  • 6554: International Criminal Law (Matheson)
  • 6559: National Building and the Rule of Law (Warren)
  • 6562: Public International Law Seminar (Buergenthal, J. Butler, Carnahan, Youmans)
  • 6568: Human Rights Lawyering (Celorio)
  • 6668: Field Placement (with assistant dean's permission)
  • 6872: National Security Law Seminar
  • 6873: Military Justice (Schenck)
  • 6874: Comparative Military Law (Gilligan)
  • 6875: Counterterrorism Law (Letter, Raven-Hansen)
  • 6876: Homeland Security, Law and Policy (Finch and Rosen)
  • 6877: Nuclear Nonproliferation Law and Policy (Jonas)
  • 6878: Intelligence Law (Richard)
  • 6879: Cybersecurity Law and Policy (Rosenzweig)
  • 6880: Disaster Law (Abbott)

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