Academic Focus Areas

Certain areas of law at GW have developed particularly rich curricular, faculty, and programmatic resources. Because each of these fields is available as an LLM degree specialization, they have come to hold particular prominence in the GW Law's academic program. They include: Business and Finance Law; Environmental Law; Government Procurement Law; Intellectual Property Law; International & Comparative Law; Litigation & Dispute Resolution; and National Security & U.S. Foreign Relations Law.

While JD candidates do not specialize in any subject area, GW’s large curriculum offers students substantial freedom to tailor their programs to their interests and future needs. Like LLM candidates, JD students interested in any of the practice areas listed above may choose from extensive course offerings, pursue clinical and field placement opportunities, and participate in numerous co-curricular activities in these fields.

GW's curricular and faculty strengths are not limited to these areas. Students should review the Law School's course offerings and be alert for the many lectures, symposia, and co-curricular activities in other areas such including

They also should confer with faculty and administrative advisors about building an academic program that fits their interests and career goals.


Spotlight Item: Guest Lecture: Secretary Napolitano

Guest Lecture: Secretary Napolitano

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano lectured at GW Law as a guest of the National Security LL.M. program. Click here for a complete photo album of the event.

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