Read recent works by our expert faculty: 

Selected works by Donald C. Clarke

“The Ecology of Corporate Governance in China”

“China: Creating a Legal System for a Market Economy”

“Three Concepts of the Independent Director”

“Lost in Translation? Corporate Legal Transplants in China”

“The Independent Director in Chinese Corporate Governance”

“The Role of Law in China's Economic Development”


Selected works by Lawrence A. Cunningham

Introductory Accounting, Finance and Auditing for Lawyers

The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America 

“Beyond Liability: Rewarding Effective Gatekeepers”

“Finance Theory and Accounting Fraud: Fantastic Futures versus Conservative Histories”

"The Sarbanes-Oxley Yawn: Heavy Rhetoric, Light Reform (And It Might Just Work)"


Selected works by Mark Klock

"Cooperation and Division: An Empirical Analysis of Voting Similarities and Differences During the Stable Rehnquist Court Era—1994 to 2005"

"Improving the Culture of Ethical Behavior in the Financial Sector: Time to Expressly Provide for Private Enforcement Against Aiders and Abettors of Securities Fraud"

"On the Acquisition of Equity Carve-Outs"

"Lessons Learned From Bernard Madoff: Why We Should Partially Privatize the Barney Fifes at the SEC"

"What Will It Take to Label Participation in a Deceptive Scheme to Defraud Buyers of Securities a Violation of Section 10(b)? The Disastrous Result and Reasoning of Stoneridge"

“Is There Power Behind the Dead Hand? An Empirical Investigation of Dead Hand Poison Pills”

“Contrasting the Art of Economic Science with Pseudo-Economic Nonsense: The Distinction Between Reasonable Assumptions and Ridiculous Assumptions”

“Is Hostility in the Merger and Acquisition Market Wasteful? Empirical Evidence of the Economic Costs of Hostility”


Selected works by Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr.

"Narrow Banking: An Overdue Reform That Could Solve the Too-Big-to-Fail Problem and Align U.S. and U.K. Regulation of Financial Conglomerates" [pdf]

"The Financial Servies Industry's Misguided Quest to Undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" [pdf]

"The Dodd-Frank Act's Expansion of State Authority to Protect Consumer's of Financial Services"

"The Dodd-Frank Act: A Flawed and Inadequate Response to the Too-Big-to-Fail Problem"

“The Dark Side of Universal Banking: Financial Conglomerates and the Origins of the Subprime Financial Crisis”

“Subprime Crisis Confirms Wisdom of Separating Banking and Commerce

“Conflicts of Interest and Corporate Governance Failures at Universal Banks During the Stock Market Boom of the 1990s: The Cases of Enron and Worldcom”

“Did Universal Banks Play a Significant Role in the U.S. Economy’s Boom-and-Bust Cycle of 1921–33? A Preliminary Assessment”

"Wal-Mart and the Separation of Banking and Commerce" [pdf]

"Reforming Financial Regulation to Address the Too-Big-to-Fail Problem" [pdf]

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