Working Paper Series

C-LEAF's working paper series features the current scholarship-in-progress of C-LEAF faculty and fellows.

Michael Abramowicz:
Prediction Markets for Corporate Governance
Intellectual Property for Market Experimentation

Navin Beekarry
Hedge Funds and Offshore Financial Centers: New Challenges for the Regulation of Systemic Risks
The International Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Regulatory Strategy: A Critical Analysis of Compliance Determinants in International Law

Donald C. Clarke

Aaron Dhir
Realigning the Corporate Building Blocks: Shareholder Proposals as a Vehicle for Achieving Corporate Social and Human Rights Accountability
Towards a Race and Gender-Conscious Conception of the Firm: Canadian Corporate Governance, Law and Diversity
Shadow and Light: Addressing Information Asymmetries Through Enhanced Social Disclosure in Canadian Securities Law
Shareholder Engagement in the Embedded Business Corporation: Investment Activism, Human Rigths and TWAIL Discourse
The Politics of Knowledge Dissemination: Corporate Reporting, Shareholder Voice and Human Rights
Of Takeovers, Foreign Investment and Human Rights: Unpacking the Noranda-Minmetals Conundrum

Darian Ibrahim
The (Not So) Puzzling Behavior of Angel Investors 
Financing the Next Silicon Valley
Debt as Venture Capital 

David Young-Cheol Jeong
Impending Amendements to Korean Corporate Laws in 2009:
A Mystic Mix 
Korean Legal Education for the Age of Professionalism: Suggestions for More Concerted Curricula
Hostile Takeovers in Korea: Turning Point or Sticking Point for Policy Directions
Legal Compliance and Korea Financial Services Market: Strategic Approach
Charting Corporate and Financial Governance in Korea in the New Decade
2010 Seoul Summit and Future of Financial Supervisory Board (FSB) as the Fourth Pillar

Mark Klock:
What Will it Take to Label Participation in a Deceptive Scheme to Defraud Buyers of Securities a Violation of Section 10(B)?
Lessons Learned from Bernard Madoff: Why We Should Partially Privatize the Barney Fifes at the Sec
Improving the Culture of Ethical Behavior in the Financial Sector: Time to Expressly Provide for Private Enforcement Against Aiders and Abettors of Securities Fraud

Jeffery Manns:
Rating Risk after the Subprime Mortgage Crisis: A User Fee Approach for Rating Agency Accountability
Building Better Bailouts: The Case for a Long-Term Investment Approach 

Lawrence E. Mitchell:
The Financial Determinants of Corporate Governance
Toward a New Law and Economics:  The Case of the Stock Market

Bernard S. Sharfman:
Using the Law to Reduce Systematic Risk
How the Strong Negotiating Position of Wall Street Employees Impacts the Corporate Governance of Financial Firms
Enhancing the Efficiency of Board Decision Making: Lessons Learned From the Financial Crisis of 2008

Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr.:
Hearing on "Legislative Proposals to Promote Accountability and Transparency at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau"  
Comment Letter to the U.S. Treasury Department Concerning the Regulatory Structures for Financial Institutions
Hearing on "Credit Card Practices: Current Consumer and Regulatory Issues" on April 26, 2007 Before the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit of the Committee of Financial Services, U.S. House of Representatives

David Zaring
Regulation By Deal
The Three or Four Approaches to Financial Regulation
CFIUS As a Congressional Notification Service
International Institutional Performance in Crisis

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