Competition Law Center

Founded in May 2008, based on a generous cy pres award, the mission of the Competition Law Center is to sponsor research and promote education in the field of competition law – also known as antitrust law – particularly relating to issues of international enforcement and the harmonization of national laws and policies. The center aims, among other things, to: (1) sponsor and conduct legal and empirical research into competition law, including its private enforcement; (2) organize seminars, symposia, conferences, innovative courses, and public lectures for judges, executive officials, academics, practicing lawyers, and law students on topics relating to competition law and its private enforcement; (3) serve as a resource for those seeking to promote private enforcement in competition laws in the U.S. and abroad; and (4) enhance the skills of current and future private practitioners of competition law.

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Spotlight Item: Judge Diane P. Wood Keynotes

Judge Diane P. Wood Keynotes "Competition Policy Around the World"

ASCOLA Chair and the Managing Director of the Max Planck Institue/IPCTL Josef Drexl, Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit Judge Diane P. Wood, NYU Law Professor Eleanor Fox, and GW Competition Law Center Director and Professor Edward T. Swaine.

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