Apply to the J.D. Program

When to apply: Applicants to the J.D. degree program may submit applications for fall beginning September 15. Applications for regular admission or the Presidential Merit Scholarship Program are due March 1 for beginning J.D. students. The deadline for the Binding Early Decision Program is January 15.

How to apply: Applicants must apply online through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).

  • Transfer and Visiting applicants, read more about applications requirements and due dates.

To check your application status online:
Refer to the Applicant Status Online system to check the status of your application throughout your application process. Once we receive your application, we will send you your login and password to the Applicant Status Online system.

An Important Notice to All Applicants Concerning Academic Integrity and Bar Admission:

In applying to law school, you are seeking to join an honorable profession that imposes professional responsibilities on its members. One of these responsibilities is the duty of honesty. It is important to think of this duty as beginning now, with the filing of your admission application, and continuing throughout your time in law school. You will observe that, by signing your application, you certify that your application is complete and accurate. After graduation, when you apply for admission to a state bar, the bar will inquire whether you committed any act of dishonesty while a law student. Some state bars will check your law school admission application for honesty. Dishonesty while a law student or on the admission application is an extremely serious obstacle to gaining admission to the practice of law. Please take care to make sure that you are fulfilling your duty of honesty and that your application is complete and accurate.

Bar admission requirements vary from state to state. Before beginning law school, you should obtain information regarding the character, fitness, and other qualifications for bar admission in the state or states in which you intend to practice.

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