Non-U.S. Law School Graduates

Graduates of non-U.S. law schools who wish to prepare for law practice in the United States may be admitted to the Juris Doctor program. A student in this program who completes 28 credit hours of course work at this Law School may petition the Academic ­Scholarship Committee to be granted 28 hours of advanced standing based on law studies outside the U.S. and thereby earn the J.D. in two years. (A student whose grade point average is below 2.0 after taking 28 hours of course work must complete the full J.D. program, which requires 84 credits of course work). Students will be admitted to this program only for the fall semester.

The deadline for application materials is March 1, but applicants are encouraged to submit applications well in advance of the deadline because of the rolling admissions process.

Master of Laws–Juris Doctor Transfer Program

Non-U.S. law school graduates enrolled in an LL.M. program may apply for admission to the J.D. program for the year following completion of their LL.M. degree. Only a limited number of outstanding students will be offered admission each year. Students admitted under this program may begin J.D. studies only in the fall semester of the year of their admission.

To be considered for transfer admission, applicants must notify the J.D. Admissions Office in writing of their interest by November 1 of their first semester of LL.M. enrollment and must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) no later than December 1. In addition, applicants are responsible for requesting that copies of all official records from prior academic institutions attended and TOEFL scores be sent from the International Graduate Programs Office to the J.D. Admissions Office; these documents and a completed J.D. transfer application form are due in the J.D. Admissions Office by February 1.

Students admitted to the J.D. program will be treated as transfer students. Upon beginning the J.D. program, they will receive 28 credits of advanced standing for legal studies completed outside of the United States. Students can thus complete the LL.M. degree in one year and the J.D. degree in an additional two years.

A completed application must be submitted online through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) no later than March 31.

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