Alumni Admissions Interview Program

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Why is GW Law offering an alumni interview?

An alumni interview offers the Admissions Office an opportunity to learn more about candidates beyond the written application.  Those invited to interview are applicants the Admissions Committee wishes to know more about before making a decision.  Alumni interviews also offer a unique opportunity for candidates to learn about GW Law in a personal and meaningful way.

In what areas are alumni interviews offered?

Alumni will be matched to interview students in their geographic location. Our preference is for interviews to be conducted in-person, but in the instance where we do not have a geographic match phone/skype interviews will be permitted. 

What is the role of the alumni interviewer?

As an interviewer, you will be able to provide the committee with important information we would not otherwise be able to obtain about your interviewee’s interpersonal and communication skills, maturity, thoughtfulness, motivation and potential. The interview also will play an important role in personalizing the admissions process for an applicant and may increase the interest of a compelling applicant in eventually enrolling in the law school, if offered a place in the class.

How will the alumni interview be used when making admission decisions?

The interview report provides a supplementary perspective of the candidate. After interviews are completed, alumni will submit an evaluation report, which will become part of the applicant’s file.  The evaluation report then becomes a vital part of the decision process but it does not supplant the role of the Office of Admissions in making admission decisions. Your feedback is part of the admissions process and will be carefully considered by the committee along with all other aspects of the applicant’s file and will help us to select from among the very best students for GW Law.

Will a student’s application be affected if he/she does not have an interview?

No. For those who are invited by the Admissions Committee to be interviewed, the alumni interview is optional.  Applicants who are not chosen to interview or who choose not to interview after being invited to do so will not be adversely affected, and their applications will be considered complete without an interview.


Who is eligible to be an alumni interviewer?

Any graduate of GW Law who is interested in participating in the interview program may sign up to do so.  Once registered, you will be in our Alumni Interview database and will receive communications relating to the interview program.

I know a student who is applying to GW Law. Am I eligible to interview him/her?

No. We require that if alumni are assigned a candidate they happen to know, they excuse themselves and request another candidate to interview. This policy safeguards the best interests of candidates and GW Law.

You are, however, welcome to provide a letter of recommendation for any candidate you know who is applying to GW Law and that recommendation will be included in the applicant’s file for review by the Admissions Committee.


When will interviewing take place?

We plan to begin interviews in early November and will end in early January.

How many interviews do you expect each alumni interviewer to conduct?

For this year, we estimate alumni will conduct only 1-2 interviews.  Please let us know if you are willing to conduct additional interviews.

How will applicants and alumni be matched?

Interviews will be assigned based on geographical location, when possible, and based on the number of available alumni.

The Admissions Committee will identify applicants about whom they wish to know more.  Then, the Office of Admissions will invite the applicant to participate in the interview program.  If the applicant accepts, we will attempt to match the applicant with an alumnus in his or her geographic area. (In the event we do not have an alumnus in that area, or an alumnus is not available to conduct an in-person interview, we will match the applicant for a phone interview.)

We then notify the alumnus that they have been assigned a candidate to interview (or interview by phone) and forward that applicant’s contact information to the alum.  We ask that the alumnus contact the applicant to set up an interview and to request that the applicant send a resume to the interviewer in advance of the interview.

Where should I conduct the interview?

The committee strongly prefers that interviews be conducted at your place of business.  If that is not possible, another appropriate public venue, such as a café or coffee shop, would be a good alternative.  Interviews should never occur in a private home and alcohol should not be served or present during interviews.  In some cases, you may be asked to conduct a phone interview with an applicant from another geographic area.

What information will be provided to me about an applicant?

Your unique personal interaction with the applicant will serve as a source of additional information the committee could not otherwise obtain.  Therefore, the committee has decided not to provide such numerical information as LSAT scores or GPA prior to the interview so as not to inadvertently influence the nature of your discussion or resulting evaluation.  However, you should ask your interviewee to provide you with a resume in advance of the interview.

Are there specific questions I should ask?

In designing the program, the committee decided it would be most helpful for you to conduct the interview in your own style in an effort to best learn about aspects of the applicant’s skills and personality.  The resume, provided to you by the applicant in advance of the interview, should provide you with a starting point for questions.  A successful interview should be a pleasant conversation between the interviewer and prospective student, which results in a more informed understanding of the candidate and a better appreciation of the university.  Of course, certain questions regarding legally protected characteristics are obviously off-limits (such as those dealing with marital status, sexual orientation, etc.).

What happens when the interview is completed?

After the interview we ask that you complete the evaluation form within 5 business days of the interview so that we may proceed with our review of the application. You can complete the interview evaluation form either online through the Interview Program’s password protected website or you can email us a Microsoft Word version.

Will I be in contact with the applicant again after the interview?

There is a space on the evaluation form to indicate if you would be willing to contact your interviewee again if he or she is ultimately admitted.  If so, you may be of help to the applicant in answering questions about GW Law and to us as we attempt to enroll the very best possible class.


If I have additional questions, how can I contact the Admissions office?

Please email us at


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