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Fall 2015

The GW Law Writing Center is now open. To make an appointment, click on the "Schedule" button to the right.

Scholarly Writing Writing Fellows

While all Writing Fellows are trained to give feedback to upper-level students working on scholarly writing assignments, a number of Writing Fellows are serving as "Scholarly Writing Writing Fellows" (SW WFs) this year. 

If you are an upper-level student working on a note or other scholarly writing assignment and you choose to sign up for an appointment with a SW WF, your SW WF will read your entire draft as long as you submit it at least 48 hours before your appointment. Be sure to include a specific agenda of aspects you want your SW WF to focus on for feedback.

Note: SW WFs will read only 15 pages of drafts submitted between 24-48 hours before an appointment, and will not read anything in advance if a draft is submitted less than 24 hours in advance.

If you are working on a note or other scholarly writing assignment and you meet with a Writing Fellow who is not serving as a SW WF, your Writing Fellow will read no more than 15 pages of your draft.  Be sure to provide a specific agenda so your Writing Fellow knows which 15 pages to focus on. 

To find out which Writing Fellows are serving as SW WFs, click on the "Writing Fellows" tab to your left.

The Fall Workshop Series

Each fall, the Writing Fellows host a series of workshops on a wide range of topics related to legal writing and law school life.  

Click here for the Fall 2014 Workshop Series Master Schedule


The Writing Center, a component of the Legal Research and Writing Program, offers one-on-one writing conferences, multi-person workshops, videos, tip sheets, and other resources to legal writers of any class year and ability. 

The Writing Center is staffed by 45 Writing Fellows, who are upper-level law students with strong writing and analysis skills. Writing Fellows are trained to work with writers at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming and outlining, to developing the structure of a legal analysis, to publishing a near-finished product. The goal of each writing conference is to help student writers become skilled and critical readers of their own writing.

Writing Fellows do not spell-check, grammar-check, cite-check, or proofread. Instead, they help students develop strategies for recognizing global problems in their work.

Who We Serve

The Writing Center welcomes all law students, including:

  • 1Ls working on LRW assignments
  • Students working on writing samples
  • 2Ls and 3Ls working on seminar papers or journal notes*
  • LL.Ms working on theses*
  • Students working on papers for skills competitions*

*You must confirm with your professor or skills board advisor that you are permitted to use the Writing Center.


The Writing Center is located in Burns 416 and 419, and in Stuart 423 of the Law School.

Contact Information

E-mail: writingcenter@law.gwu.edu

Phone: 202.994.4650

The Writing Center is directed by Professor Iselin Gambert, who joined the faculty in 2009. A graduate of GW Law, she served as a Writing Fellow for two years as a law student.

Writing Fellows: Please follow this link for TWEN access.


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