Writing Fellows

The Writing Fellows are selected from a competitive group of applicants. They have excellent legal writing and analysis skills, and represent a wide range of educational, linguistic, and professional backgrounds. 

The 2014-2015 Writing Fellows:

Learn more about the Writing Fellows, including what LRW professors they had, what foreign languages they speak, what journals they are on, and what upper-level writing experience they have.

Fellows marked with an asterisk are returning for a second year of service.  

Brittany Aldredge
Yesenia Barberena**
Jacob Berdine**
Matthew Bly
Christina Bortz
Aaron Brumbaugh
Jean Chang
Shelby Cuomo
Jarad Daniels
Kaitlyn Demers
Mia Donnelly**
Eric Elliott
Laura Ferguson
James Gaylord
Michael Gershoni
Julia Haigney
Jonathan Horn
Michael Jones
Benjamin Kalish**
Kavon Khani
Kristen Kuan**
Lisa Lindhorst
Britney Lewis**
Dominique Meyer
Rachael Million-Perez**
Anna Myers**
Max Nacheman
Alexandra Norman
Caitlin O'Donnell
Ryan Pau
Alyssa Perry
Monica Porter
Matthew Rosenberg
Elyse Schoenfeld**
George Stewart III
Lindsey Strang
Sylvia Tsakos**
Kate Watkins
Melanie Wegner
Stephanie Williamson
Jacob Yaniero
Leigh Zeichick

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