Consumer Mediation Clinic

*This clinic is not offered in 2010-2011.

This was the first, and for 20 years the only, law school alternative dispute resolution clinic in Washington, D.C. Unlike the other clinical courses at the Law School, the Consumer Mediation Clinic does not act as an advocate or represent clients. Rather, students act as neutral third-party mediators who assist local consumers and businesses in resolving disputes by negotiating mutually agreeable settlements. Students perform case intake, provide information and referrals, and mediate assigned cases involving a wide variety of consumer issues (debt collection, credit problems, defective goods and services, home improvement contracts, etc.). Students develop and apply negotiation and mediation skills and learn about federal and local consumer laws.

For an additional credit hour, students may co-enroll in the Community Dispute Resolution Center Project (CDRC). The CDRC allows students to co-mediate (with a faculty supervisor) interpersonal disputes involving neighbors, family members, acquaintances, and co-workers at community settings such as the U.S. Attorney's Office, Public Defender Service, and Third District Police Station.


The Jacob Burns Community Legal Clinics were founded in 1971, and were dedicated in 1991 to acknowledge the generous support of Jacob Burns (LL.B. '24, LL.D. '70). Burns was renowned for his philanthropy, through which he "contributed significantly to the expanding boundaries of knowledge," and left an enduring legacy that improves the lives of many today.






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