Jonathan Bialosky, J.D. '10

What did you like about the Immigration Clinic and what did you learn that may be relevant to your work now?

Being a student-attorney at the Immigration Clinic was easily the best part of my law school experience. Getting to work directly with clients and assist them with real cases was an invaluable experience and taught me so much. My work at the Clinic allowed me to understand how to effectively communicate with clients from vastly different backgrounds than my own, as well as how to stay organized and manage my cases. In addition, representing clients in Immigration Court allowed me to get some amazing court experience. 

My time at the Clinic provided a solid base of practical legal skills that have really been useful after law school. Having had the opportunity to engage in the work that immigration practitioners do, while under the supervision of knowledgeable clinical faculty, allowed me to better understand the field and make a positive impact in the lives of the Clinic's clients.

Please provide some information about where you currently work:

I work at the Maxwell Street Legal Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky. It's a small, non-profit organization that offers legal services to immigrants and their families. We primarily do family-based immigration, but we also assist unaccompanied minors in obtaining lawful immigration status in the United States, as well as crime victims seeking U Visas. In addition, we provide general support for the local immigrant community, by working with other area organizations to get new arrivals to the U.S. the resources they need to thrive in a new environment.

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