Courses for J.D. Students

For J.D. Students  

All J.D. students at GW gain skills fundamental to the litigator in the first-year required courses Civil Procedure I and II, Legal Research and Writing, and Introduction to Advocacy. After the first year, they may choose from elective courses that provide more depth and breadth in this practice area. Courses in the first group below are taught with limited enrollment and rely on simulation and other practical exercises to teach specific skills. The courses also reflect the fact that trial lawyers spend much of their time on pre-trial issues and that the majority of litigation in the United States results in negotiated settlements rather than trials. The second course grouping, which includes advanced courses for students interested in a specialty within these practice areas, is taught in a traditional classroom setting and provides substantive knowledge about subjects of importance to litigators today. 

  • Trial Advocacy (6640)
  • Pre-Trial Advocacy (6643)
  •  Mediation Alternative Dispute Resolution (6676)
  • Negotiations (6648)
  • Client Interviewing and Counseling (6650)
  • Role of the Federal Prosecutor (6363) 
  • Legal Drafting (6652) 
  • Advanced Trial Advocacy (6675) 
  • Law and Rhetoric (6654) 
  • Evidence (6230) 
  • Federal Courts (6232) 
  • Conflict of Laws (6234) 
  • Complex Litigation (6236) 
  • Remedies (6238) 
  • Civil Procedure Seminar (6249) 
  • Admiralty (6293) 
  • Insurance (6298) 
  • Products Liability (6354) 
  • Criminal Procedure (6360) 
  • Criminal Law and Procedure Seminar (6379) 
  • Adjudicatory Criminal Procedure (6362) 
  • Advanced Appellate Advocacy (6653) 
  • Litigation with the Federal Government (6240)
  • Comparative Military Law (6244) 
  • Appellate Practice (6246) 
  • Scientific Evidence Seminar (6248) 
  • Criminal Tax Litigation (6365)  
  • The Federal Circuit (6477)

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