Property, Family Law & Torts

6330 Modern Real Estate Transactions (2 or 3)   Ginsberg, Stuart

Basic course in conveyancing. Current problems in purchase and sale of residential real estate; legal and equitable rights, responsibilities, liabilities, and remedies of buyer, seller, broker, escrow agent, conveyancing attorney, title examiner, abstractor, and lender; interim and permanent mortgage finance, discounts, points, "subject-to" and "assumptions," remedies on default, including foreclosure processes; process of examination and assurance of title and other interests in realty, including recording and title insurance systems; settlements and closings, warranties of title, encumbrances on title, and clearing of title; emerging problems related to cooperatives, condominiums, and property owners associations. (Examination)

6332   Land Use Law (2)   Feola, Gordon, Silber

Problems, solutions, emerging concepts, and constitutionality of land use regulations, including zoning, subdivisions, historic preservation, exactions, vested rights, transfer of development rights, growth management, and urban and regional planning. (Writing assignments and take-home examination)

6334   Law of Real Estate Financing (2)   Ginsburg, Stuart

Types of lenders, choice of entity, construction loans, permanent financing; lenders' obligations, remedies, and liabilities; title insurance, survey, and liens; ground lease and commercial lease/leasehold mortgage; joint ventures; alternate capital formation; opinion letters. (Examination)

6338   Housing Law and Policy (2)   Geno

Federal, state, and local laws that in effect constitute housing policy in the United States. Judicial interpretation of such laws. The roles the various levels of government play in the housing industry. Political and policy implications of various housing programs and how they affect communities across the country. (Research paper and writing assignments)

6340   Property and Real Estate Law Seminar (2)   E. Brown

Selected topics in property and real estate law to be announced at the time of registration. Enrollment is limited. (Research paper)

6342   Trusts and Estates (3 or 4)   Cahn, Carter, W.E. Davis, Edmisten, R. Palmer

Noncommercial transfers of wealth at death or during life; essential elements and formalities for creation of trusts and execution of wills, revocation and alteration, grounds for contest, limits on property owner's power to control, and intestate succession. Credit may not be earned for both Law 6342 and 6343. (Examination and problem assignments or drafting projects)

6346   Estate Planning (2)   Nudelman

Effective acquisition, management, and disposition of wealth by lifetime transactions and testamentary transfer. Emphasis on federal income, estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer taxation. Problem assignments address probate avoidance, interspousal transfers, jointly owned assets, transfers to minors, irrevocable trusts, closely held family and business interests, post-mortem estate planning, retirement planning, and charitable giving. Enrollment is limited. Prerequisite: Law 6342. (Drafting assignments) (Skills)

6348   Family Law (3 or 4)   Cahn, Ross

Survey of family law, including statutory law of domestic relations and constitutional restraint on state regulation of the family. Topics include marriage, divorce (including child custody, property division, alimony, and child support), domestic violence, reproductive rights, and family privacy. The course draws on historical and interdisciplinary materials and involves discussion of public policy issues as well as current law. (Examination or examination and exercises)

6349   Family, Child, and State (2 or 3)   Ross

The allocation of power and responsibility among parent, child, and state. Freedoms under the First Amendment, education, health care including procreation, child abuse and neglect, custody, adoption, and juvenile delinquency. Sociological and psychological perspectives on the parent–child relationship. Enrollment is limited. (Takehome examination)

6350   Domestic Violence Law (2 or 3)   Nagpaul

Historical perspective on legal and public policy approaches to domestic violence; contemporary civil and criminal justice systems approaches to domestic violence; and analysis of relevant federal and state laws. (Research paper)

6351   Reading Group (1)   Tushnet

Opportunity to explore specific topics in depth with experts and leading scholars in the field. Selected topics will be announced at the time of registration, and enrollment is limited. This course is graded on a CR/NC basis and will meet 6-7 times per semester for two hours. (Writing assignments)

6352   Family Law Seminar (2)   Suter, Ridder

Historical and contemporary problems in the theory and practice of family law. Specific topics to be announced. Enrollment is limited. Prerequisite: Law 6348 or 6349. (Examination or research paper with permission of the instructor)

6353   Elder Law (2 or 3)   Cahn

Topics may include Medicare and Medicaid, financing health care, and related policy issues; health care decision making, including informed consent and advance health care directives; issues related to the right to die, including euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide; long-term health care issues, including nursing homes and other alternatives, insurance, monitoring, and quality of services; guardianships and other procedures in the event of age-related disabilities; social security and supplemental security income; housing issues, including tax incentives, retirement communities, and continuing care facilities. (Exercises and examination)

6354   Products Liability (2 or 3)

Theory and practice of product liability litigation. Compensatory and punitive damages; competing strategies pursued by plaintiffs and defendants. Affirmative defenses and defense strategies. Failure-to-warn and defective design cases. Discovery techniques. Settlement strategy and mediation of product liability cases. Class actions and multidistrict litigation involving defective products. Differences between U.S. product liability litigation and other countries' systems. (Examination or research paper, with permission of the instructor)

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