One of the Law School’s great strengths is the richness and diversity of its curriculum. It offers students the opportunity to sample a broad array of areas of the law with more than 275 elective courses offered each year. In addition to introductory-level and more advanced courses in a variety of fields, some highly specialized areas of the curriculum allow students to gain considerable expertise. These specialized areas include international law, environmental law, intellectual property law, and government regulation and constitutional law. 

The faculty encourages J.D. students to explore a broad-based  program and to take core courses in the fields of administrative law, commercial law, corporate law, international and comparative law, taxation, and trusts and estates. The faculty also recommends that students take at least one course that will provide a cross-disciplinary perspective on the law, such as jurisprudence, law and economics, legal history, or health care law.  

In addition to traditionally taught classes, the Law School offers numerous simulation courses that teach skills such as drafting, trial and appellate advocacy, negotiations, and mediation. Special seminars are often organized by faculty members to address a national policy issue and propose a solution. Closely supervised by faculty in more than a dozen clinical courses, students assist clients while learning about  professional responsibility and honing their lawyering skills. 

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