Junior Faculty Workshop

2015 Junior Faculty Workshop

On February 27-28, 2015, C-LEAF hosted its fifth annual Junior Faculty Business and Financial Law Workshop and Junior Faculty Scholarship Prizes. The Workshop supports and recognizes the work of young legal scholars in accounting, banking, bankruptcy, corporations, economics, finance, and securities, while promoting interaction among them and selected senior faculty and practitioners. By providing a forum for the exchange of creative ideas in these areas, C-LEAF also aims to encourage new and innovative scholarship.

The 2015 Workshop is the fifth anniversary of C-LEAF’s Junior Faculty Business and Financial Law Workshop and Junior Faculty Scholarship Prizes. Since its inception, C-LEAF has received more than 350 submissions in response to the Workshop’s Call for Papers, and hosted more than fifty faculty members from around the country and the globe, who have been teaching for seven years or less. In response to this year’s Call for Papers, C-LEAF received over 60 paper submissions for the Workshop. After a blind review, ten papers were chosen for presentation at the Workshop. The authors of the chosen papers are:

    Alina Ball, UC Hastings College of Law

    Catherine Christopher, Texas Tech University School of Law

    Kevin Haeberle, University of South Carolina School of Law

    Virginia Harper Ho, University of Kansas School of Law

    Cathy Hwang, Stanford Law School

    Prasad Krishnamurthy, UC Berkeley School of Law

    Andrew Verstein, Wake Forest University School of Law

    David Webber, Boston University School of Law

    Verity Winship, University of Illinois College of Law

    Yesha Yadav, Vanderbilt University Law School

2015 Prize Recipients

At the Workshop, one or more senior scholars commented on each paper, followed by a general discussion of each paper among all participants. The Workshop audience and paper commentators included invited young scholars, faculty from GW Law, faculty from other institutions, practitioners, former judges, and invited guests. In addition to participating in the Workshop, all scholars selected to present at the Workshop will be invited to become Fellows of C-LEAF. At the conclusion of the Workshop, three papers were awarded Junior Faculty Scholarship Prizes, of $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000, respectively. The paper prize winners were:

    Yesha Yadav ($3,000 prize)

    Prasad Krishnamurthy ($2,000 prize)

    Verity Winship ($1,000 prize) 

Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, one of the leading law firms serving the financial services industry and known for its premier practice in the area of private investment funds and private equity M&A, generously sponsors the Junior Faculty Scholarship Workshop and Prizes and provides other financial assistance to C-LEAF.

Event Photos 

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Spotlight Item: 2014 Prize Recipients

2014 Prize Recipients

Congratulations to the 2014 Junior Faculty Workshop prize recipients Elisabeth De Fontenay ($2,000 prize winner), Andrew Tuch ($1,000 prize winner), and Megan Shaner ($3,000 prize winner).

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