The Initiative & the Curriculum

Energy law has been part of the GW curriculum for over 30 years. Although the Initiative interacts with many organizations external to GW, it remains rooted in the GW community where it is able to draw on the rich resources of GW and provide opportunities for students and faculty to participate in and profit from the Initiative’s work with others from outside of the GW community.

The subject matter of the Initiative’s research agenda intersects with, and enriches, the law school’s curriculum. Students are expected to contribute to the Initiative’s work, particularly in the areas of research and publication, and to interact directly with stakeholders, through coursework, internships and externships, to work toward solutions to real-world issues. The Initiative will also collaborate with other schools within the University on energy issues and it is part of GW’s community of interest on sustainability. The Initiative supports and enhances the curriculum in several ways, including:

  • Attracting increased funding to support projects that enhance the law school experience and career opportunities for our students
  • Increasing the opportunities for GW Law students to interact with practitioners by participating in Initiative activities
  • Opening new channels for “real-world” projects, internships and externships to be integrated into the curriculum
  • Providing access to the Initiative’s staff and Advisory Board for career events
  • Enhancing the profile of GW’s Law’s energy curriculum, thereby attracting additional highly-qualified students and supporting additional course offerings
  • Providing our alumni and the energy community generally with new opportunities for continuing legal education, networking and career development

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