Our Approach

The Initiative is a forum for open dialogue among energy sector participants from government, industry, private practice and academia with varying view points and different stakes in the outcome.  The Initiative will sponsor and co-sponsor research, working groups, conferences, symposia and other events, aimed at fostering the development of innovative and practical solutions toward energy sustainability.  Materials developed through the Initiative will be made publicly available on-line and/or through established journals and periodicals, as appropriate to reach their intended audiences.

While our primary focus is US law, the Project engages with universities from other countries and international organizations in order to advance sustainable energy development world-wide.  The Project's staff, affiliated faculty and organizations and GW Law students participate in a variety of collaborative projects that are complementary to our goals.  The Initiative's focus is law and policy, but it works with multi-disciplinary teams as appropriate, including in cooperation with other schools, centers and institutes at GW.  To assure that we are making new contributions to the body of knowledge related to energy law, we expect to collaborate frequently with other organizations outside of GW so that our resources and those of others are leveraged and focused on areas in which work is most needed, not overlapping or duplicating the work of others.   

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