About the Director

Spencer Overton is a Professor of Law at The George Washington University Law School, and his teaching, research, and writing focus on campaign finance, voting rights, and election administration. He is the founder and director of the Political Law Studies Initiative.

During Professor Overton’s time in the Obama campaign, transition, and Administration, he was a key leader on the Administration’s landmark efforts to curb special interests, enhance transparency, and increase citizen participation. From 2007–2008, he was Chair of Government Reform Policy for the Obama presidential campaign. On the Obama Transition Team, he served in the Office of the General Counsel and helped write the Administration’s ethics guidelines. He also chaired the Election Assistance Commission Agency Review Team and served as a member of the Federal Election Commission Agency Review Team. At the beginning of the Obama Administration, Professor Overton was appointed the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Legal Policy at the Department of Justice. In that position, Overton partnered with the Office of White House Counsel and the White House Domestic Policy Council to lead the Administration's policy efforts on democracy and government reform.

Professor Overton has served as a commissioner on the Jimmy Carter-James Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform, and as well as the Commission on Presidential Nomination Timing and Scheduling. He has also served as a board member of several organizations, including the American Constitution Society, The Center for Responsive Politics, Common Cause, Demos, and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. More information on Professor Overton is available here.

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