Curriculum and Internships

GW Law offers students comprehensive preparation for a political law career.

PLSI's extensive network of alumni and practitioners offer GW students connections to learn more about the field, build relationships, and start a career.  Learn more about opportunities and alumni in the DC area.

Inside the classroom, a rigorous curriculum prepares students for practicing in all areas of law and policy, and is uniquely poised through its location, faculty, and connections to offer students leading insights into political law. Students should work closely with the Dean of Students office and members of the faculty to build a course schedule appropriate to their needs and interests. Learn more about the available Law School courses.

Students wishing to advance within the field of political law should consider enrolling in the following courses:

Administrative Law
Campaign Finance
Congressional Investigations Seminar
Constitutional Law I (currently required for all 1L students)
Constitutional Law II
Criminal Law Seminar on Public Corruption
Elections Public Law Seminar
Labor Law
Law of Democracy
Lawyers, Lobbying, and the Law
Legislative Analysis and Drafting
Local Government Law
Non-Profit Organizations Law
The First Amendment
Voting Rights Law

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