Claudia E. Haupt, LL.M. ’09

Claudia E. Haupt, LL.M. ’09, taught at GW Law for three years. Her courses included Jurisprudence, Professional Responsibility, and a Comparative Constitutional Law seminar as well as Legal Research and Writing for international LL.M. students. Professor Haupt continued her career in legal academia when she headed to Columbia Law School in the fall of 2012 where she is currently an Associate-in-Law.

“I am truly grateful for the opportunities GW Law provided since I first arrived as an LL.M. student in 2008,” said Professor Haupt. “I was able to develop my research agenda and had the pleasure of teaching very talented and engaged students. I very much benefited from interacting with a highly distinguished yet easily approachable, interested, and eager to help set of teachers, colleagues, and friends. I appreciate the incredibly supportive environment at GW Law that I was so fortunate to have been a part of for the past four years."

In scholarship news, Professor Haupt recently published a book, Religion–State Relations in the United States and Germany (Cambridge University Press 2012), a comparative analysis of the constitutional law of religion-state relations in the United States and Germany focusing on the principle of state neutrality. At Columbia, she continues to write in constitutional law and comparative constitutional law.

Spotlight Item: Claudia E. Haupt, LL.M. ’09

Claudia E. Haupt, LL.M. ’09

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