Career Development

The Career Center is pleased to assist GW Law graduates contemplating a job change or seeking employment.  We welcome inquiries from graduates and hope you will contact us if we can assist you.  Our services for graduates include:

Alumni Resources Guide:  The Guide is designed to be a useful reference to alumni with career-related questions.  It contains information and resources on a variety of career-related topics including Career Center resources, online postings, networking, resumes, cover letters, and interviews.  In addition, the Guide also includes sample documents for your review.  To access, this guide, please login to the GW Law Alumni Community, click the  "Benefits and Services" tab, and scroll down to click "Alumni Resources Guide.

Career Consultations:  The Career Center’s staff members are available to meet in person or to speak with graduates by phone.  We are happy to discuss resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing tips, job search and career-related resources, job search strategies, networking, informational interviewing, and any other issues of interest to graduates.  There are two fully-dedicated alumni counselors who are available to assist you.

Keri A. McCoy, Esq.
Director, Alumni Career Development

Meridith Jacobs, Esq.
Alumni Career Development Counselor

To schedule an appointment or mock interview either in-person or by phone, please contact the Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy at 202-994-7340.  You may also contact us via e-mail at

Clerkships:  The Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy assists students and alumni who are interested in pursuing post-graduate Judicial Clerkships.  Sheila Driscoll, the Director of Clerkships, can be contacted by phone at (202) 994-9250 or  

Job Postings:  Job notices for graduates are posted through the Symplicity system. Updated regularly, the listings include openings received directly from employers and vacancies from selected legal newspapers, periodicals, job newsletters, and various websites.  The service permits users to search by a variety of parameters including location, employer name, employer type, job type, level of experience sought and posting date.   Most listings are for graduates with a minimum of 0-5 years of experience, with the majority in the 0-3 year minimum range.  For your password please contact the Career Center at 202-994-7340 or via e-mail at

LinkedIn and Facebook:  Get LinkedIn with the George Washington Law Alumni Association and become a fan of GW Law on Facebook.

Mock Interviews:  The Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy is available to conduct mock interviews.  This is strongly recommended for anyone who has an upcoming interview.  The Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy believes in a proactive approach to interviewing.  You can never be too prepared!  Prior to the interview, it is helpful if you could provide a copy of all of your application materials as well as the job posting if applicable.  We also recommend that you provide any information that you have about the format of the interview and the individual(s) with whom you will be interviewing.

Networking Events:  Every GW Law Alumni Event is an opportunity to network, and they're a lot of fun too!  Check out our Law Alumni Event Calendar to see what's coming up.  If you're interested in helping coordinate an alumni event in your area, check out ways to get involved locally.

Online Alumni Community:  Our Alumni Community lets you reconnect with classmates and find new resources within the GW Law Alumni family.  Join groups based on your interests and location, search the online directory, access Leadership Directories, the Vault Career Insider, NALP Directory of Legal Employers, and more.  Login or Register for the Alumni Community today!

Reciprocity:  Some law schools, through a process called reciprocity, permit graduates of other law schools to visit their career services offices and/or to subscribe to their graduate job newsletters.  Schools that grant reciprocity may offer it only during certain times of the year (typically between December and July).  In addition, reciprocity may be offered only for a finite period of a few months or less, and other restrictions may be imposed.  Please note that it can be difficult to obtain reciprocity in major metropolitan areas.  To request reciprocity, please contact or 202-994-7340.

Resource Library:  The Career Center’s extensive resource library is available to graduates.  Resources include directories for private and public sector employers; practice area specific resource sheets; videotapes; detailed employer-provided information; salary surveys; application forms; and publications about career options, job search strategies, and networking/informational interviewing.

Westlaw and Lexis: These services remain available to alumni for a limited time after graduation.  Please contact the Jacob Burns Law Library at for details.  Westlaw has a Careers tab, with a number of links to advice on managing your career.  Lexis offers extensive on-line databases for job hunters, including Martindale-Hubbell.

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