Spring Recruitment Programs

Employer Registration Form [pdf]

Every spring, the Career Center sponsors a Spring Employer Recruitment Program which allows employers in the DC metropolitan area to interview first-, second-, third-year and LL.M. students for permanent and summer positions. For employers who are unable to interview on the program dates, a resume collection option is also available. Interviews are held either at the St. Gregory Hotel (2033 M Street NW, Washington, DC) or at the employer's metro-accessible DC area office. The program typically takes place in March. 

Employers may register on-line through Symplicity or by filling out the registration form linked above.  Log on to Symplicity using your password, and select “OCI” from the top navigation bar. Then under the tab “Schedule Requests," click on the “Request Schedule" button. An online form will open up and you will need to change the session to either "2012 Spring Recruitment Interview Program" or "2012 Spring Recruitment Resume Collection." Fill out all the requested information in the rest of the form and please specify the type of position you will be interviewing for, i.e. law clerk, summer associate or entry-level attorney in the “Additional Criteria” text box. 

If you are participating in the interview option, please indicate your preference to interview either at the St. Gregory Hotel or at your DC area office under "Location." Space at the hotel is limited. When you are finished, click submit and a Career Center staff member will approve your request and email you a confirmation.

For more information or questions about the Spring Employer Recruitment Program, please contact Kimberly Hicks [email].

Other On-Campus Spring Recruiting Options

The Career Center also makes available to any employers who recruit later in the school year, the use of the Career Center's interview room - an option especially useful for out-of-state employers or employers with offices not conveniently close to campus. The in-house interview rooms may be reserved Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Employers have the opportunity to interview up to 21 students per day in 20 to 30 minute intervals, and employers prescreen the resumes of all the students they interview. Interview dates are typically scheduled within two to four weeks of the request. Employers furnish the Career Center with basic information about their hiring needs, and the Career Center advertises the position and collects resumes through Symplicity and forwards resumes to employers. Shortly before the interview date, employers review the resumes and select students for interviews. There is no charge for scheduling a spring on-campus interview. Please contact Kimberly Hicks, Recruitment Manager, at 202. 994.7340 if you have any questions.

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