Endowed Funds

The George Washington University Law School's endowment is a collection of separate funds established over the years to support the Law School's teaching and research activities, scholarships, libraries, and a wide variety of lectures, programs, and activities.

Gifts to the endowment are lasting. The principal of the gift is invested and only the annual income is used for a designated purpose. Such gifts thus support a donor's interests beyond his or her lifetime and ensure permanent support for important educational and research activities of GW Law.

The endowment is invested under policies established by the George Washington University Board of Trustees. Investments are selected with the assistance of nationally recognized managers, and performance is closely monitored by the University's financial officers and the Board of Trustees.

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For questions regarding Endowed Funds, please contact: 

Richard A. Collins
Associate Vice President for Law Development 


Spotlight Item: Samantha & HoJo Animal Law Scholarships

Samantha & HoJo Animal Law Scholarships

Through the generosity of Julius Fleischman, two endowments have been providing scholarships to students studying animal law since 2007. Each scholarship is named after two of his beloved animal companions, Samantha and HoJo.

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