Phyllis  Goldfarb

Phyllis Goldfarb

Title: Jacob Burns Foundation Professor of Clinical Law and Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

Address: 2000 H Street, N.W, Washington, DC 20052
Telephone: 202.994.7463
Fax: 202.994.4946

B.A., Brandeis University; Ed.M Harvard University; J.D., Yale University; LL.M., Georgetown University

Biographical Sketch
Phyllis Goldfarb joins GW Law from Boston College Law School, where she taught in and administered a criminal justice clinic, while also teaching courses in Criminal Procedure, Death Penalty, and Gender and Legal Theory. She taught at Northern Illinois University College of Law where she designed and taught in the school’s first clinical program, and at the University of Paris X, in Nanterre, France. While an E. Barrett Prettyman Fellow in Criminal Trial Advocacy Professor Goldfarb served as a teacher and supervising attorney in Georgetown University’s Juvenile Justice Clinic while earning an LL.M. Professor Goldfarb's scholarly focus is on the relationship between law practice and legal theory and its impact on law, legal education, and the legal profession. Her publications and presentations have addressed divergent topics such as clinical education, death penalty, criminal procedure, jurisprudence, feminist theory, and domestic violence.

Professor Goldfarb is a faculty member of the Persuasion Institute, teaching narrative strategies to death penalty litigators, and co-organized the first national conference of Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation. She has represented a number of clients on a pro bono basis, including death row inmates and one of the Framingham Eight, who was incarcerated for killing her batterer. Based on her work, she wrote "Describing Without Circumscribing: Questioning the Construction of Gender in the Discourse of Intimate Violence," (1996). She also wrote "A Theory-Practice Spiral: The Ethics of Feminism and Clinical Education," (1991), among many other articles.

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