Melysa  Sperber

Melysa Sperber

Title: Professorial Lecturer in Law

Address: 2000 H Street, N.W, Washington, DC 20052

B.S.F.S., M.P.P., J.D., Georgetown University

Biographical Sketch
Melysa Sperber is the Director of Human Rights at Vital Voices Global Partnership, an international women's rights organization focused on political participation, economic entrepreneurship, and human rights. Prior to joining Vital Voices, Professor Sperber was a Staff Attorney at the Tahirih Justice Center, a non-profit legal services agency that provides services to women fleeing gender-based persecution. She handled a caseload of over 80 immigration matters involving domestic violence survivors, human trafficking victims, asylum seekers, and victims of violent crime.

Previously, Professor Sperber served as a research assistant for former Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues David Scheffer, for the Director of the Women’s International Human Rights Clinic Susan Dellar Ross, and for the Institute for the Study of International Migration, where she organized a series of events featuring anti-trafficking activists from Eastern Europe and Russia. She received two Equal Justice Fellowships for her work with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland and for her time as a law clerk with Public Citizen Litigation Group. Professor Sperber worked in The Gambia as a law clerk for the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights. She also spent time working under former U.N. Special Representative on Internal Displacement Dr. Francis M. Deng at the Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement.

Her published work includes John Walker Lindh & Yaser Esam Hamdi: Closing the Loophole in International Humanitarian Law for American Nationals Captured Abroad While Fighting with Enemy Forces.