Web Accounts

The George Washington University Law School Computer Center will host Web sites for official student organizations, Law School faculty and staff members. Students interested in having a personal Web page should contact the University Information Systems & Services (ISS) Help Desk.

General Information and Restrictions

  •  File names are not case sensitive and file extensions can be either ".htm" or ".html". It is, however, good practice to be consistent in naming conventions. 
  • The default page for each directory or subdirectory should be named "default.htm". This allows the user to type the path to the directory without having to also type the file name.
    (Example: "http://docs.law.gwu.edu/mysite" is the same as typing http://docs.law.gwu.edu/mysite/default.htm)
  •  FrontPage extensions and Server Side Includes are not enabled for security reasons. Please do not try to include them.
  • Scripting (ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, CGI, etc..) is also disabled for security reasons.

Student Accounts

Student Web accounts are available through the university on ACAD. For more information please contact the University Information Systems & Services (ISS) Help Desk. Please note that the university administers ACAD. All technical questions should be directed to ISS and not to the Law School Computer Center.

Student Organization Accounts

Student organizations at The George Washington University that have received official recognition from the Student Bar Association may publish and maintain a website on the Law School’s web server.

A representative from the organization should complete the Student Organization Web Account Request Form [pdf] and submit it to the Student Affairs Office. Once the request is approved, the organization will be issued an account on the GW Law School Web server with FTP access.   Student organization sites must include the required elements outlined in the University Network Publishing Guidelines established for "Affiliated Web Sites".

The GW Law Web Team periodically checks Law-hosted websites to make sure they are being maintained. If a student organization website has gone six months without any changes, a Law School staff member may contact the person responsible for that site to make sure the information is still current. The Law School reserves the right to remove sites that are not being maintained on a regular basis.

Faculty & Staff Accounts

Faculty and staff members will be issued an account on the GW Law School Web server with FTP access. Faculty and staff should submit the Web Account Request Form [pdf] to the Computer Center in SL 101. The Computer Center is able to provide limited technical support for faculty and staff members. Design and maintenance is the responsibility of the faculty or staff member.

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