Network Publishing Guidelines: Student Organizations

The University's Network Publishing Guidelines govern student organization website on the GW Law server.  The portions of the Guidelines specifically relevant to GW Law student organizatons are excerpted below.  Under these guidelines, law student organizations are considered "affiliated organizations."

Required of all Affiliated Web Sites

The following elements must be present on the entry page of all affiliated web sites:

1. name and e-mail address of maintainer who is responsible for upkeep of the site

2. date of last update

3. a statement of the affiliated unit's relationship to the University

4. the disclaimer: The views and policies articulated in these pages are not necessarily those of The George Washington University.

5. If the site announces the recruitment of faculty, staff, or students, or offers a service to the public on behalf of the University, it must include the University's EEO/AA statement or contain a link to that statement.

Affiliated web sites may not be used to conduct official University business without the explicit permission of the sponsoring official unit.

Affiliated web sites may not use the University wordmark without the permission of the sponsoring official unit.

General Policies

The University reserves the right to remove the link to any page it finds in violation of the above policies.

Creators of web sites are responsible for keeping their pages up-to-date. If an official or affiliated web site has gone six months without any changes, the University may contact the person responsible for that site to make sure the I-formation is still current.

To assure that University web sites are widely accessible, creators should endeavor to support a variety of browsers and connection speeds, with text alternatives when a page is graphics intensive.  (See GW Medical Center style guidelines.)

The policies contained in these guidelines are subject to revision with suitable notice.  It is the user's responsibility to ensure that they are at all times in compliance with the then applicable policy.

Enforcement of this policy is governed by the procedures outlined in the GW Code of Conduct for Users of Computing Systems and Services [pdf].


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