Notebook Computer Requirement

All students entering GW Law as candidates for J.D. or LL.M. degrees are required to have a notebook computer for personal use. This will enable students to take full advantage of the Law School's technologically-advanced learning environment.

Having your own personal notebook computer enables you to better access legal research materials on the web, manage documents such as course notes and materials, and communicate with others more easily from almost anywhere in the Law School complex. Having your own notebook also enhances the learning experience, allowing you to communicate more effectively with your instructors, as well as undertake legal research more efficiently. All GW Law students also have the option to take Law School examinations using a notebook computer, and students do so in large numbers.

The notebook computer you bring to GW must meet our minimum specifications to ensure your success in using the Law School's systems and to enable the Law School to develop its systems and services effectively.

Use of your notebook computer at the Law School, is governed by the Law School's computing policies

Other information to review - in addition to our minimum specifications and computing policies - includes the following:

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