A Note to Prospective Students

All J.D. and LL.M. students are required to have a notebook computer for personal use. The Notebook Computer Requirement enables students to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Law School's technologically-advanced learning environment.

All entering students must ensure that their notebook computers meet the minimum required specifications. Compliance with these specifications is necessary for full compatibility with the Law School's systems and it is a prerequisite for computer assistance at the Law School's Help Desk.

Transfer students should review the minimum required specifications for notebook computers, as well. The Law School expects that transfer students possess notebook computers with similar or superior functionality to those required of the entering class with which they will graduate.  The current specifications list thus is an appropriate guideline for transfer students to evaluate the suitability of the computers they own or plan to purchase.

Once admitted, all students are strongly encouraged to create GW Law Web Portal accounts as soon as possible and well in advance of arriving at the Law School for orientation. See the Law School Email & Web Portal page for additional information..


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