Student Computing Support

The Law Library's Electronic Services Department is the primary source of assistance for law students using the computing resources of the Law School, in general, and the Law Library, in particular. Department staff members are available to address issues with computer facilities or systems, including access to the student web portal, e-mail, and other online resources (see below for more information on these facilities and resources).

The Electronic Services Department employs student assistants to monitor the computer areas in Burns and Stuart Halls and to provide basic level support to users of lab computers and personal notebooks. Full-time staff members and student assistants most often are found at the Help Desk in the Computer Information Center at Room B204 (Burns Hall, 2nd Floor). The full-time staff members of the department also are available to provide further notebook configuration assistance and troubleshooting advice, but only during specified office hours or by appointment and with priority based on the student's conformity with required or recommended specifications.


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