Computing Facilities

The Law School has three computer areas commonly referred to as “labs.” Room B203 (Burns Hall, 2nd Floor) may be used by law students for basic computing activities such as online research, writing, and checking the Student Web Portal and e-mail.  Room Stu203 (Stuart Hall, 2nd Floor) is more accurately described as a "Computer Classroom."  This room is reserved on occasion for instructional sessions but may otherwise be used by law students for basic activities as described above. Both labs feature Windows-based computers with Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Office software, as well as full Internet access including,, and other online research and instructional services. Located adjacent to these are high speed LaserJet printers ($0.07 /page).

The third lab is in the Law Library on Lower Level 1. These computers are convenient for students who prefer to study in the library stacks but need access to lab computers for research, writing, and portal and e-mail checking.   High speed LaserJet printers ($0.07 /page) are located inside the library on Lower Level 1 as well as in the alcove behind the first floor guard station.

All three above-described computer areas are open during posted hours that typically follow library hours, with exceptions for reservations and school breaks.

Other computer resources available in the Law Library include: JACOB (library online catalog) terminals and ARC (Automated Research Center) terminals, which provide access to JACOB and other library catalogs, as well as various online research and reference resources.

Law students also may use dedicated e-mail terminals located in the Burns Alcove and the 2nd Floor of Stockton Hall.


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