Burns Dispatch: Services & Fees

Fees by Service Type
 (Note all fees are in U.S. funds. Fees include applicable District of Columbia sales tax of 5.75%.)

Minimum charge for copying:

  • Friends: $15.00
  • On Demand: $25.00

Maximum requests per day:

  • Friends: Unlimited
  • On Demand: Five times per day

Maximum rush items per request:

  • Friends: Three rush items per request
  • On Demand: Three rush items per request

Per image charges: 

  • Friends: Photocopy $0.75 | Fiche/Film copy $1.50
  • On Demand: Photocopy $1.00 | Fiche/FIlm copy $2.00

Book Loans:

  • Friends: No Charge
  • On Demand: $25.00

Rush Fees (additional):

  • Friends: $25.00
  • On-Demand: $35.00

Additional Information

  • Note: Burns Dispatch reserves the right to limit items and requests based on department  circumstances.
  • Loan period is three weeks.
  • All client categories are limited to five outstanding loans.
  • One Renewal period of three weeks for all client categories.
  • Renewals for On-Demand clients are $20.00.
  • Overdue fees:
    Friends: $1.00/day
    On Demand: $5.00/day
  • Recalls become overdue 7 days from issuance of the notice.
  • Lost book: Minimum $100.00 (or replacement cost whichever is greater) plus $25.00 processing fees.  

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