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Use this site to search our database of GW Law School faculty members and their areas of expertise. You can search by either subject area or name. Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are provided with search results.

Search by Specialty/Area of Expertise

Please enter a keyword (such as "antitrust") or a simple phrase (such as "human rights") to search the database. All faculty who specialize in that area will be listed and contact links will be provided. When choosing subject keywords, we recommend that you describe an area of specialty (e.g., "military law") rather than a specific case or topic (e.g., "court-martial").


Search by Name

Full-time faculty and deans are included in the Media Guide. Please use the drop down menu to select a name from the list.

Telephone or e-mail assistance

If your on-line search does not provide a faculty expert we will be happy to assist you in person. Please contact Claire Duggan, Assistant Director, Public Relations, at (202)994-0616,