James E. Starrs

James E. Starrs

Title: Professor of Law and Forensic Sciences; David B. Weaver Research Professor of Law

Telephone: 202.994.6770
Email: jstarrs@law.gwu.edu

BA, LLB, St. John's University; LLM, New York University

Specialties/Areas of Expertise:
Criminal law and procedure; forensic science, including pathology, fingerprinting, polygraph use, document examination


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Brief Bio:

  • completed post-graduate work in criminal law at New York University, where he subsequently held a Ford Foundation Fellowship
  • holds a joint appointment with the faculty of GW's Columbian School of Arts and Sciences, where he specializes in forensic science
  • co-authored a leading textbook on scientific evidence
  • directed or participated in scientific investigations into the Boston Strangler, the Lindbergh kidnapping, the Sacco and Vanzetti robbery-murders, the Alfred Packer cannibalism cases, the assassination of Senator Huey Long, the hatchet murders of the Bordens, the CIA-LSD related death of Frank Olson, the identification of Jesse James, the death of Meriwether Lewis, and the location of the remains
  • testified as an expert witness in fingerprinting, DNA analysis, and in the aborted effort to exhume the remains of John Wilkes Booth
  • edits The Scientific Sleuthing Review, a journal of legal and scientific information (editor for more than 20 years)