Conference Documents

Please follow the links below for reference papers and articles related to this conference: 


Cover letter with endorsers: explanation and text
(as of Oct 6, 2009).

New & Improved Supreme Court [pdf], Richard Brust.

Appointment of Justices

Regularizing Supreme Court Appointments [pdf], Daniel Meador.

The Rotation of the Justices: A Thought Experiment , Jack Balkin.

The Case for Term Limits on the Supreme Court, Linda Greenhouse.

Changing the Tenure of Supreme Court Justices [pdf], Stephen Burbank.

Additional reading not available on line:
Reforming the Court -- Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices, Roger Cramton & Paul Carrington eds (Carolina Academic Press, 2006). Constitutional issues discussed at pages 345-402.             .

Tenure for the Chief Justice

The Chief Justice of the United States: More Than Just the Highest Ranking Judge [pdf],
Alan Morrison & Scott Stenhouse.

Responding to a Democratic Deficit: Limiting the Powers and the Term of the Chief Justice of the United States [pdf], Judith Resnik & Lane Dilg.

Federal Court Governance: Why Congress Should – and Why Congress Should Not – Create a Full-Time Executive Judge, Abolish the Judicial Conference & Remove Circuit Judges from District Court Governance [pdf], Russell R. Wheeler & Gordon Bermant.

Chief Justice Rehnquist as Third Branch Leader [pdf], Russell Wheeler.

Rehnquist’s Paper Trail [pdf], Tony Mauro. 

Revising the Certiorari Process

Questioning Certiorari: Seventy-Five Years After the Judges Bill  [pdf], Edward Hartnett.

Judicial Independence in Excess:  Reviving the Judicial Duty of the Supreme Court [pdf], Paul Carrington & Roger Cramton.

Reining in the Super Legislature: A Response to Professors Carrington & Cramton [pdf], Daniel Meador.

A Few Thoughts on Judicial Supremacy: A Response to Professors Carrington & Cramton [pdf], Patrick Higginbotham.

The Chamber of Secrets [pdf], Arlen Specter.

Going on a Diet – Supreme Court Style [pdf], Alan Morrison.

Assessing the Supreme Court’s Case Section Process.Papers and proceedings from Sept 2009 conference.

Assessing the Supreme Court's Current Caseload: Questions of Law or Politics? [pdf], Sanford Levinson.

Judicial Disability

Original Sin & Judicial Independence: Providing Accountability for Justices [pdf], Paul Carrington & Roger Cramton.

Federal Court Searches for Answers to an Aging Bench [pdf], John Roemer

There goes the judge-How do we get rid of whacked-out judges? [pdf], Cecil Adams.

Addressing Disability and Promoting Wellness in the Federal Courts [pdf], Richard Collins. 

Rule 2.14 American Bar Association’s Model Code of Judicial Conduct (2007) [pdf]


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