Class Action Symposium Papers

Creative Ways to Maximize Class Recovery: Case Examples
Lauren G. Barnes, Kristen Johnson Parker, Thomas M. Sobol

The Supreme Court and the Legitimacy of Arbitration
F. Paul Bland

The Misguided Search for Class Unity and the Impact on Rules 23(b)(3) and 23(a)(2)  
Robert G. Bone

Three Myths About Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes
Theodore J. Boutrous, Bradley J. Hamburger

Cy Pres Awards - Ensuring That Justice is Done
Arthur H. Bryant

Remediation and Deterrence: The Real Requirements of the Vindication Doctrine
Jonathan W. Cuneo, Joel Davidow, Victoria Romanenko

Class-wide Recoveries
Joshua P. Davis

The Puzzle of Class Actions with Uninjured Members
Joshua P. Davis, Eric L. Cramer, Caitlin V. May

The Problem of Settlement Class Actions
Howard M. Erichson

Taking the Private Attorney General Seriously in Class Actions
Brian T. Fitzpatrick

Gutting the Vindication-of-Rights Challenge to Arbitration Agreements
Myriam E. Gilles

The Role of Daubert in Scrutinizing Expert Testimony in Class Certification
George G. Gordon

Fact Determination in Rule 23 Class Actions
Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.

Taking Class Arbitration Seriously
Deborah R. Hensler

The Unruly Class Action
Laura J. Hines

Class Actions for Monetary Relief Under Rule 23(b)(1)(A) and (b)(1)(B): Does Due Process Require Notice and Opt-Out Rights?
Robert H. Klonoff

Putting Proponents to Their Proof: Evidentiary Rules at Class Certification
Linda S. Mullinix

"No Injury" Plaintiffs and Class Actions
Edward Sherman

The Post-Dukes "Rigorous Analysis" and Pre-certification
Gerson H. Smoger, David M. Arbogast

Cy Pres Relief and the Optimal Class Action
Jay H. Tidmarsh

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