2014 J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium

Thursday, March 13 and Friday, March 14, 2014

"The Role of Planning in Federal Land Management" 


  • The University of Houston Law Center
  • The Environmental Law Institute
  • The GW Journal of Energy and Environmental Law
  • The GW Environmental Law Association

The George Washington University Law School, the University of Houston Law Center, and the Environmental Law Institute co-sponsored a conference to examine the role of planning in federal land management. Each of the principal federal land management agencies is required to engage in planning under its organic statute. The agencies also must conduct planning to comply with requirements under cross-cutting environmental and natural resource management laws such as the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act.

This conference explored how successfully the federal land management agencies and other agencies whose missions include protecting federal lands and resources have incorporated long-term planning practices into their resource management strategies and whether Congress’s vision of a management regime based on planning has improved protection and use of federal lands and resources. It also identified opportunities for improvement and innovation in current planning practices.

Panel Slides

"Planning for Energy Development in Canada" - Allan Ingelson

"Military Installations: The Other Public Lands" - Dale Goble

"The Wilderness Act in an Era of Golbal Chance" - Gregory Aplet

"Demand Management and Grazing in the Great Basin" - Hillary Hoffmann

"The National Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy" - Mark Salvo

"Rethinking Public Land Use Planning" - Mark Squillace

"Conserving Great Sage Grouse" - Jim Lyons

"Federal Offshore Wind" - Ned Farquhar

"Integrating State and Regional Plans and Programs into Federal Public Land Management" - Robert Fischman

"A Historical Look at Planning for Federal Public Lands: Adding Marine Spatial Planning to the Field" - Robin Craig

"Three Twists on the Theme of Federal Land Planning" - Zygmunt Plater


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Opening Address

  • Lois Schiffer, General Counsel, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Introductory Panel

  • Michael Boots, Chief of Staff, Council on Environmental Quality  
  • Zygmunt Plater, Professor of Law, Boston College
  • Adell Amos, Dean’s Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor, and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, University of Oregon School of Law
  • Hope Babcock, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center
  • Moderator: Robert Glicksman, Professor of Law, The George Washington University Law School 

Integrated Planning at Local / State / Regional Level

  • Michelle Bryan Mudd, Associate Professor, University of Montana School of Law
  • Robert Fischman, Professor of Law, Indiana University, Maurer School of Law
  • Jim Lyons, Counselor to Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management, Department of Interior
  • Moderator: Patty Salkin, Dean, Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

Wildlife Planning / Endangered Species Act 

  • Dale Goble, Professor of Law, University of Idaho College of Law
  • Mark Salvo, Director, Federal Lands Conservation, Defenders of Wildlife  
  • Amelia Jenkins, Deputy Chief of Staff, Democratic Staff, House Committee on Natural Resources (invited)
  • Moderator: Lawrence Liebesman, Partner, Holland & Knight  

Climate Change Planning 

  • Robert Glicksman, Professor of Law, The George Washington University Law School and Alejandro Camacho, Professor of Law, UC Irvine School of Law
  • Mark Squillace, Professor of Law, University of Colorado Law School
  • Holly Doremus, Professor of Law, UC Berkeley Law School
  • Alice Hill, Senior Adviser for Preparedness and Resilience, US Department of Homeland Security 
  • Hillary Hoffmann, Professor of Law, Vermont Law School
  • Moderator: Anne Finken, Deputy Associate Director for Regulatory Policy, Assistant General Counsel for Environment, Department of Energy

Friday, March 14, 2014

Marine Planning

  • Robin Craig, Professor of Law, University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law
  • Marcilynn Burke, Associate Professor of Law, University of Houston Law Center
  • David VanderZwagg, Professor of Law, Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law
  • Gabriela Goldfarb, Natural Resources Policy Director, Oregon Governor’s Natural Resources Office
  • Moderator: Cymie Payne, Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

Wilderness Planning

  • Lindsay Sain Jones, JD Candidate, University of Georgia School of Law
  • Peter Appel, Professor of Law, University of Georgia School of Law
  • Chase Huntley, Renewable Energy Director, The Wilderness Society

Energy Planning

  • Sam Kalen, Associate Professor of Law, University of Wyoming
  • Nikki Springer, PhD Candidate, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
  • Tommy Beaudreau, Acting Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management and Director, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management 
  • Timothy Duane, Professor of Environmental Studies, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Allan Ingelson, Associate Professor & Executive Director, Canadian Institute of Resources Law and Professor of Law, University of Calgary
  • Moderator: Donna Attanasio, Senior Advisor for Energy Law Programs, The George Washington University Law School



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