2014 Academic Conference on ICT Industry Self-Regulation & Human Rights

March 20, 2014
The George Washington University Law School

If Google censors your blog post or surveils your email, the First and Fourth Amendments do not apply, because Google is not a state actor. The Global Network Initiative, for the past five years, has brought together the world's leading ICT companies–Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Facebook, among others–to commit themselves to principles of self-regulation to protect users' privacy and free speech rights. How well has this initiative–and others like it–succeeded? What are the challenges ahead for ICT industry self-regulation? GW Law's Global Internet Freedom & Human Rights Project, co-directed by Profs. Arturo Carrillo and Dawn Nunziato, hosts an Experts Panel on ICT Industry Policy Making on Free Expression and Privacy, to discuss these issues. A reception follows.

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"Experts Panel: ICT Industry Policy Making on Free Expression and Privacy"


  • Jermyn Brooks, Outgoing Chair, Global Network Initiative
  • Leslie Harris, President Emeritus, Center for Democracy and Technology
  • Rebecca MacKinnon, Project Lead, Ranking Digital Rights
  • Chris Soghoian,Principal Technologist and a Senior Policy Analyst, ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project

Moderator: Professor Dawn C. Nunziato

For more information on the Global Internet Freedom and Human Rights Distinguished Speaker Series, co-coordinated by Professor Arturo Carrillo and Professor Dawn Nunziato, click here.

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