GW Law Project Dedicated to Better Public Health and Serving the Community is the Highest-Performing Program of its Kind

Health Insurance Counseling Project (HICP) is acknowledged for its high standards and performance by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

For 15 years, George Washington University Law School students working at the Health Insurance Counseling Project (HICP) have helped many local neighbors on Medicare secure access to health care.

Professor Suzanne Jackson (left) works with a client
to get the best policy for her needs.

“Our students have gained important professional legal skills and expertise while helping us serve more than 3,000 seniors and people with disabilities, many of whom would not get needed care or medicines without our help,” said Professor Suzanne Jackson, Co-Director of HICP with Chris DeYoung.  HICP is part of the GW Law Jacob Burns Community Legal Clinics.  In addition to co-directing HICP, Professor Jackson directs the Health Rights Law Clinic, also part of the Burns Legal Clinics.

GW Law students, attorneys, and staff have worked tirelessly to remedy their clients’ health care issues, assisting in such things as obtaining public benefits and resolving problems with private health insurance and public health programs.

Recently, HICP received a great honor: the project was named the highest-performing program of its kind in the country.  This accolade was determined according to standards set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which funds State Health Insurance Assistance Programs in every state and the District of Columbia. To earn this recognition our program was evaluated across ten different performance measures, including the percentage of people with Medicare served, those with low incomes, those with disabilities, and those needing help with prescription drug insurance plans.

An HICP student working in the Burns Community
Legal Clinic gains valuable experience helping her
neighbor and client.

“My heartiest congratulations go out to everyone involved,” said Dean Paul Schiff Berman.  “As we continue to grow and expand legal services at GW Law, it's nice to be acknowledged for the many great things we are already doing.”

GW Law, long recognized as one of the top law schools in the country, pursues a distinctive research and learning mission that engages the leading law and policy questions of our time and provides students with an education that will position them to help change the world.  A major component of this imitative is the Jacob Burns Community Legal Clinics which celebrates 40 years of service this year. 


Please visit this link for more information on the Health Insurance Counseling Project.