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Constitutional, criminal, and privacy law expert Professor Orin Kerr is in the media on almost a daily basis.  In the past few weeks, Professor Kerr has been educating the public on his views of constitutional law as applied to such timely topics as the health care case, strip searches in jails, employers requesting social media passwords, and various Fourth Amendment issues:

NPR  .  April 3, 2012
Nina Totenberg interviews Orin Kerr on the Supreme Court's decision to allow strip searches without suspicion for all jail inmates.

Huffington Post  .  April 3, 2012
Professor Kerr on the strip search case and jail administration.

C-SPAN "Washington Journal"  .  April 2, 2012
What are the issues behind employers asking for the passwords to applicants' and employees' social media accounts?  Watch Professor Kerr on C-SPAN discuss these issues and take questions from viewers.

TIME  .  April 2, 2012
Professor Kerr on Justice Kennedy's swing vote.

The Washington Post  .  March 30, 2012
Orin Kerr on privacy issues behind employers requesting Facebook passwords of potential employees.

The Washington Post  .  March 30, 2012
Orin Kerr discusses the Supreme Court's upcoming healthcare vote.

Los Angeles Times  .  March 22, 2012
Orin Kerr on the Supreme Court expanding defendants' rights in plea deals.

The Volokh Conspiracy  .  March 26, 2012
Blog co-author Professor Kerr pens, "Is the Individual Mandate Really a Mandate?"

Mother Jones  .  March 26, 2012
Mother Jones cites Professor Orin Kerr's previous prediction of how the Court will rule on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Dan Rather Reports  .  March 22, 2012
Orin Kerr comments on the upcoming health care litigation at the Supreme Court.

The Associated Press  .  March 21, 2012
Orin Kerr on employers asking job seekers for Facebook login information.

The Wall Street Journal  .  March 21, 2012
Orin Kerr discusses the use of Twitter in criminal investigations.

Fox News  .  March 20, 2012
Orin Kerr is quoted in an article on proposed laws that would prevent employers from asking for job seekers' social media passwords.

Forbes  .  March 2, 2012
Orin Kerr comments on the court ruling that opens phones to warrantless searches.

Spotlight Item: Professor Orin Kerr

Professor Orin Kerr

In the past year alone, 15 federal court decisions have cited Professor Kerr's law review articles on Fourth Amendment issues related to computer crime. Read more about Professor Kerr's impact in "Media Magnets" in GW Law School Magazine.

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