Adjunct Professors Honored for Years of Service

Interim Dean Gregory Maggs presents Larry Gordon with an award for teaching more than 25 years at GW Law. Gordon is one of two adjunct professors who have served for 25 years or more.

June, 2013 – George Washington University Law School honored 60 professorial lecturers in law for their service in teaching for five years or more.

“The adjunct faculty members who serve at GW Law enhance both the volume and the diversity of our course offerings,” said Senior Associate Dean Christopher Bracey. “Employers routinely thank us for giving our students a much needed perspective on the practice of law that allows them to be effective practitioners upon arrival in the work place. The contributions these professors make are absolutely essential in this regard.”

With more than 250 lawyers, judges, and government officials comprising our adjunct faculty, GW Law values the assets these professors bring to the law school and the student body.

Interim Dean Gregory E. Maggs presented certificates of accomplishment to the honorees. 

View photos from the Adjunct Appreciation Ceremony

Please see below for the full list of adjunct faculty award recipients.

25 Years of Service

Larry Gordon and Lance Wood.

20 Years of Service

Wayne Cohen, Stephen Knight, Edward Mackiewicz, Ralph Oman, and The Honorable Ricardo Urbina.

15 Years of Service

David Adams, Wayne Blackmon, The Honorable Patricia Broderick, Nancy Lawrence, Chad Sarchio, Robert Weinberg.

10 Years of Service

Ava Abramowitz, Jeffrey Axelrad, Samuel Boxerman, Justyna Burr, The Honorable Russell Canan, David Calabrese, Geoffrey Drucker, Stuart Ginsberg, Aitan Goelman, Mohammad Hafez, Rachael Hagler, James Hopenfeld, Scott Kenney, Marc Mayerson, Roderick McKelvie, Robert Palmer, Richard Rainey, The Honorable Michael Rankin, Robert Rhoad, Robin Runge, Michael Schlesinger, David Schreiber, Lynn Sylvester, John Truong, and Raymond Wyrsch.

5 Years of Service

Joseph Berl, Polly Craighill, Lesley Fair, Brian Finch, Aram Gavoor, Faris Ghareeb, Susan Green, The Honorable Henry Greene, Adam Hoffinger, John Longwell, Eric Maurer, Brian Privor, Daniel Richard, Mark Schamel, Robert Schwed, Thomas Simeone, Douglas Smith, Matthew Smith, Sandra Strokoff, Sandy Trimble, Rick Toering, Martin Zoltick.